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Back in Business (and so is the City Budget)

By Rachel DePompa – bio | email


Hello NBC 12 blogging World and Blog Followers. I started this blog before the election and it gained quite a following. It was centered around the Mayoral race. I’ve decided to re-join the blogging world and keep Decision Richmond going… but this time we’ll focus on the city as a whole.   This is where you can go for an inside look at City Hall. (the inside baseball… so to speak… on Richmond politics…  and NO PUN intended)

We launch the day after the Mayor presented his 2009-2010 budget.  And here’s a fun story to get us going… After the Mayor’s budget presentation we (reporters) gathered in a conference room with the Mayor to ask a few questions. As I walked a reporter and the mayor had this exchange…

Reporter: So you’re not dipping into the rainy day fund at all?

Mayor: No.

Reporter: Isn’t is raining?

It was a funny moment that got the Dwight Jones laughing. But in all seriousness.. It’s good to see a budget that doesn’t layoff anyone and keeps the city’s savings in tact.

We’ll see how that holds up as this recession continues.. and as the City Council gets into the mix.

To be continued…..


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