Layoffs VS Position Eliminations

By Rachel DePompa – bio | email


The city is touting that the new budget includes NO LAYOFFS.  But I spent several days going over the nearly 400 page budget book and found job losses.

Here’s a list of the positions that could be cut if the budget is approved.

Police: 19 civilian support positions

City Assessor: 5 positions

City Attorney: 1 assistant attorney

Community Development: 3 positions

Finance: 8 positions

Procurement Services: 2 jobs

Emergency Management: 2 positions including a public information offiicer

Library: four full time jobs/one part time

Still, the city says no layoffs.  The mayor’s office says the cuts are strictly position eliminations and it will do everything it can to  make sure no one “hits the street.” Anyone displaced will be re-assigned.  I’m not sure if WWBT cut my position and then reassigned me to scroll the teleprompter I would like it… but maybe that’s just me. Then again in this economy… I probably wouldn’t complain.


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One response to “Layoffs VS Position Eliminations

  1. Pauline

    There never was a PIO for Emergency Management so this is just a position on paper.

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