The First 100 Days…

By Rachel DePompa – bio | email



You always hear the national media count “up” to the President’s first 100 days in office.  The reporters go over his accomplishments and failures and give him a grade. I thought we’d do a little of the same for our new Mayor. 

I have to say… what a difference three months makes. City Hall is truly a different place. I don’t know if it’s just me, but even the building itself seems a little more inviting. I can tell you as a journalist, it’s MUCH (I can’t stress this enough) MUCH easier to get information.  Don’t get me wrong.. city hall still likes to control the message, but they get an A++ for still managing to answer the difficult questions. And for making people readily available for interviews.  

Mayor Dwight Jones is also very visible and accessible. Getting an interview is possible (as compared to before) and can even happen in the same day you make the request. (Crazy, I know)  I will say Jones did a great job laying out his message and setting the tone. He had these “New Beginnings” press conferences (10 to be exact) to make changes to the way the city does business. It’s only been a 100 days, so there hasn’t been much strife. It will be very interesting to see what happens when he and City Council eventually don’t agree on something. The “Great Baseball Debate” is also quickly coming. Decisions will have to be made and people have distinct sides. There’s no middle ground on this issue.  Passing his first budget through council and deciding the fate of baseball in the city will be his first big tests.

Jones first 100 days? we’ll say a B…

That’s for showing a marked improvement from the Mayor’s Office in December and leaving him room to grow. (Anyway, who gives  an A on the first test?)



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2 responses to “The First 100 Days…

  1. G. Marshall

    He should focus on making Richmond a cheaper place to live. I’m sick of higher taxes and utility bills than my Henrico neighbors. I did not elect this preacher and envision mass corruption as usual behind closed doors. Looks like business as usual to me!

    • By the way… Thought I should give a shout out to the people who make the mayor’s office more accessible. Tammy Hawley (the Mayor’s Press Secretary) and public information manager Michael Wallace.

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