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So… Thank you to those who have started following my blog again. It’s good to be back. And I wanted to give a shout out to Buttermilk and Molasses who graded my grading of Mayor Jones first 100 days in office. The author of the blog once joked about one of my posts during the mayoral election. I was talking about how I know a lot of folks at city hall.  Buttermilk wrote… “I bet she doesn’t know Jack!”

I can now say I know Jack too. Met him while having dinner at Cha-Cha’s a few weeks ago. Great bartender. 🙂

Anyway… there are a lot of pretty cool blogs for the River City. My favorite is Tobacco Avenue. Funny Stuff!

PS… and don’t let me forget my absolute favorite blog. Decision Virginia. Posted by none other than the guy who sits right next to me…. Ryan Nobles. 🙂

PSS… I LOVE this blog too. (Mainly because the headlines are so darn catchy) The folks at “10South” really seem to know what’s up on the Boulevard!


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