Baseball is Sliding Back to Richmond….

By Rachel DePompa – bio | email 


Baseball is back…. at least at the Diamond. That’s right, the one place no one is talking about playing baseball will host a team next year. It appears the deal will be inked by the end of the week to bring the Connecticut Defenders to the River City. The Defenders are a Double A team for the San Fransisco Giants. The deal is worth $260-thousand dollars over two years. (that’s just to use the Diamond.. that’s not how much the Richmond Baseball Club will pay for the team.) Now the RBC wants a stadium in Shockoe… Others want a new stadium on the Boulevard. Will this team ever see either? Or will they leave town before a decision is made. That’s the big question for city leaders this summer.

I have a great joke about Richmonders and change that I was told on my first day in the city.. if you see me out…  ask me. 🙂


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  1. Jane Ingles

    Just fix up the Diamond and be done with it. People will NOT go to the Bottom becuase there is no place to park, the crime is awful and the place is outdated. If you ask me Chesterfield County should never have sold Cloverleaf Mall but put the ballpark there, made a pedestrian walkway over to Beaufont Mall for parking and problem solved. It’s right by Chippenham so is accessible. It’s too much of a hassle to go to the Bottom anyway!

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