Is There Something in the Water?

By Rachel DePompa – bio | email


What is with all the shootings in Richmond? The last two days have been absolutely crazy for me. We’ll start with what looked like a shootout on Broad Street. Police say a man charged them with a knife and they opened fire. I have to tell you the bullets were everywhere and in every direction. I counted 5 bullet holes in three different store fronts on BOTH sides of the street. This suspect must have been running all around. And then I find out this morning that the suspect’s fiance was found dead in her home and he’s now being investigated for murder. (never saw that one coming) Our morning reporter Jola took over the reigns of this story this morning because I got moved to another jaw dropping crime.

Police say a VCU student caught a man breaking into a car and shot him. The VCU student is now charged with second degree murder. You wouldn’t believe the number of calls and emails I’ve gotten today about this story. Everyone has an opinion. And what is so difficult with this story is police are not telling us much of anything. And then the witnesses are giving very different accounts. I have to say, in a case like this it would be really REALLY helpful if police would open up a little.

I do know this. Commonwealth’s Attorney Michael Herring says the law is very clear. You can not use lethal force in Virginia when protecting property. You CAN use lethal force if you perceive a threat to yourself or another person. You can also use lethal force when someone breaks into your home.  It is clear, the police and Commonwealth Attorney must not think this is a case of self defense. Herring went as far to say that it was a case of “over reaction”. I have a feeling we’ll be following this one for a while and we won’t know the outcome until it’s before a jury. 

Whoo… Can we please have a quiet Friday?  



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6 responses to “Is There Something in the Water?

  1. Abby

    I hope charges are dropped against this young man. This criminal was breaking into their car. It sounds to me like he was caught and an altercation followed. I’ll bet this perp has a record. Grandma says he’s a good guy. Sure he is. That’s why he’s out doing what he was doing. It’s about time we put a stop to this. These crooks/criminals keep doing what they are doing because they can – noone is around to stop them. Well this one got stopped.

  2. B. L. Westbrook

    For as long as I can remember, it has been an error to say that the law protects the criminal and NOT the victim. In light of this and other recent events, it seems that the error of becomes less and less plausible … the law DOES seem to protect the “perp” and “throw the victim to the wolves.”

  3. Zach

    No its not in the water, its in the air. The warmer it gets and the worse the economy gets, there will be more violence in Richmond.

  4. James Canter

    Wow, I really found this article to be more insightful.

  5. Tom Hope

    Just wondering how that shooting in Chesterfield is coming along? There seems to be alot of interest in this as well. I’ve been reading the comments and the storyline in the Times-Dispatch (commenting too), just to keep up and events are leaking out a bit at a time…. seems Richmond and Chesterfield Police departments are not offering much information on their shootings. That gun battle they had on Broad Street–I can’t blame them! I mean, they were doing all of they shooting. Richmond, VCU cops shooting at one guy with a knife; I figured the VCU police accidentally shot the Richmond police car or something to that effect?!

  6. Marion

    Would you like to come look at the 9 bullet holes in the side of my house in Richmond? And despite that I STILL cannot get rid of the charmers hanging around on the corner. The police do what they can however, did you know that we have no loitering laws… is perfectly legal to hang around someone else’s property. Gardening, which I love, has become unsafe.

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