Richmond Wants To Ride the Rails

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rachelheadshot I asked for a quieter Friday and I got it! I was still busy… just no breaking news. In fact I spent the morning at a press conference in Richmond that I ultimately did not write for the news. It was passed on to our anchor Curt Autry so I could work on another story. Never the less, I like to make sure I stay on top of what’s going on in Richmond and was glad to be at the event.

Press Conference on High Speed Rail
Press Conference on High Speed Rail

The presser was held at the Main Street Station and is all about the city going after Federal dollars for high speed rail. Congressmen Eric Cantor, Bobby Scott and Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones all spoke about how important it is for Richmond to get this money. The rail sounds interesting, especially if it’s anything like what they have in Japan. If it ever becomes reality they say you could get to DC in 45 minutes. Eventually, there would be a line to Charlotte, VA Beach and even New York City. Apparently, Richmond’s line would be one of the easiest to build, so city leaders think they have a good shot at getting the money. Eric Cantor says a project like this could create as many as 180,000 jobs in Virginia. (most being in the Richmond area) That’s a number I actually think is a possiblity. Think of all the companies that could move here for a cheaper cost of living, but still send their folks into DC everyday. There are a lot of possiblities. I’ll keep you updated on the hunt for the money!



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2 responses to “Richmond Wants To Ride the Rails

  1. Rachel,

    Thanks for the nice blog post and for helping spread the word about high-speed rail. It will have tremendous benefits for the greater Richmond region when we extend it from D.C. to Richmond.


    Danny Plaugher
    Executive Director
    Virginians for High Speed Rail

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