The Great Baseball Debate: Part Deux

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rachelheadshotListen up all you Richmond Sports fanatics (crickets?), the Great Baseball Debate is Back! The $100,000 dollar baseball study is due at City Hall today. But you and I won’t see it for a few more weeks. The firm who researched the Highwood Properties proposal for Shockoe Bottom is supposed to give its preliminary results to the Mayor’s Office. Mayor Dwight Jones has chosen to keep it private for an internal review. The complete study will be made available later this month. If I can get my hands on it before the release date you will be the first to know! (I’m trying)

Sidebar: The public hearing on the City’s Budget is tonight! Tune in at 5 and 6 to see where your money is going.



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3 responses to “The Great Baseball Debate: Part Deux

  1. B. L. Westbrook

    Baseball is a lot more important than the quality of Richmond’s public schools and the teachers and students who have to pinch the blood out of their pennies to be assured of usable facilities and resources. I’m feel confident that the “powers-that-be” will do all they can to be sure the use of the city’s “abundance” of wealth will go to achieve the best stadium their egos will permit them to purchase.

    • B. L. Westbrook

      PART DEUX of my verbage if you will allow: When getting this stadium of homage to the “powers-that-be” and their EGOS, let us be sure to also also shortchange the city policemen in danger of losing their positions in these “times of abundance.” These servants should be ignored, as well, in making this humongous decision.

  2. B. L. Westbrook

    PART TRES: “also also” is NOT a mistake.

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