The Dirt on City Hall: Updated

Rachel DePompa – bio | email

rachelheadshotCity Hall is certainly not the place it was during the days of Wilder, but I can tell you juices are flowing this week. Police and Fire are coming out in (to use an over quoted media term) FULL FORCE. Everyone is scrounging for money is this tight budget year. Mayor Dwight Jones presented his proposal over a month ago and word on the street is he is not lobbying city council members. And the Council has made quite a few changes to his original plan. In fact, we haven’t really heard much from the mayor in the last few weeks about the budget. It may be time for me to put in a call and see what he thinks of the money fight. 

One a side note… you should check out Style Weekly’s inside dirt on city hall. Weekly is reporting that Richmond’s top community planner, Rachel Flynn is on the outs with some city council members.   Click here to check out the story.

**UPDATE: So, I hear the Mayor is happy with the way the budget has turned out. City Council put the finishing touches on it Wednesday night. What it has now will most likely be what’s voted on in two weeks.

Also… remember the baseball study ordered up by City Hall to review the Highwoods proposal for Shockoe Bottom? Well.. i hear people will be surprised by the findings. Apparently, the numbers served up by Highwoods are off. (The cost AND revenue figures) I’m working to get more information on this one. That’s all I’ve got for now…


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