Sniper Shootings and Covering Court

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rachelheadshotToday I had to sit in court. A place I actually don’t mind to go. The legal system absolutely fascinates me. If I weren’t a journalist I’d probably be an attorney. (I know, the two most  hated professions in the world.) Anyway, I was in court listening to why John Allen Muhammad should have his death sentence overturned. The defense says Muhammad needed a competency hearing and his lawyers were ineffective because they did not tell the judge about his mental capacity. I have to say, the argument was convincing. If those trial attorneys never did tell the court about his competency problems they may have a case.  Even the state attorney admitted that in court today. But the state says it’s not true and that a doctor did not deemed Muhammad incompetent prior to his Virginia trial. The whole reason the Virginia case is being scrutinized is because Muhammad got the death penalty here and we all know a death sentence in Virginia is far more likely to be carried out than most other states.  It could be weeks before the judges make a ruling.

On a side (and funny) note… If you ever have to sit in court remember to eat BEFORE you go inside. The courtroom is often very quiet and you don’t want your stomach to growl sooooo loud everyone turns and looks at you. (that happened to me today. SO EMBARRASSING!) I’m talking the loudest and longest tummy growl you’ve ever heard.  I’m thinking today’s growl should be in the record books.



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2 responses to “Sniper Shootings and Covering Court

  1. nothing worse than when your stomach starts growling in a quiet room full of people.

  2. You popped up on yahoo when I did a search for a subject. Glad I found your blog. I’ll subscribe to your RSS feed.. btw.. I was looking for the facebook like icon to add this piece to my feed.. do you have one?

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