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rachelheadshotI went to dinner last night in Shockoe Slip at Cha Cha’s with some fellow journalists. (Yes we can be friendly with each other.) Sitting outside on the patio, I was thinking how nice it is to live in Richmond. I’ve been here for over a year now, and this city still surprises me. 

I find I’m still fond of cobblestone. It makes me feel like I’m in an alley in Europe, far, far away.  Also, I should teach a class on how to navigate the slip in heels.

Despite all the crime I always report on, I still feel safe walking to my car or to my home at night.

I especially enjoy how Richmonders relish the past. We can be stubborn, but there’s something to be said for not letting someone tear down a building just because it fell into neglect. Taking the time to make it new again is pure brilliance. (This probably correlates as to why “The Fountainhead” is my favorite book. I’m apparently fascinated with architecture.) 

And even though Richmond politics can sometimes be infuriating…. walking into City Hall and going up that elevator to the second floor is still a privilege. I like knowing the who’s who of this city and trying my hardest to get them to spill their guts.

A year later, being a journalist in this town is still rewarding. This whole week has been rewarding in some ways. It’s nice to know that straight up investigative journalism can still happen and that this profession can truly be a watchdog for the community. 

I try….. I hope you will continue to watch….


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  1. kathy

    I totally agree with you about the Slip…the cobblestone streets (and the difficulty in navigating them in heels) In the summer months it’s a wonderful place to be out in the evening, on a restaurant patio, with friends. History is one of Richmond’s best assets and I love how we’ve been able to preserve the past with buildings such as the Railroad Depot and many others.
    I know there is a debate ongoing about where to put the ball park, but personally, I think that a ball park in the Bottom will be the best way for everyone in our area to get together & keep these places preserved in the most positive way for future generations.

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