Covering the Bases: Baseball in the Bottom

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rachelheadshotFirst I’d like to thank everyone on Twitter for the great baseball analogy suggestions. By far, my favorite was “more costly than peanuts and cracker jacks.” But I digress….

Richmond’s Mayor, Dwight C. Jones unveiled the findings of his $100,000 dollar study of the Shockoe Center proposal. As expected, we learned the city would have to back the bonds if this plan is to succeed. According to Davenport, city backed bonds would mean the city’s cost would drop about $20 million to a $60 million investment. We also learned the city’s sales tax revenues would have to increase by 2.1% or 67 million dollars to cover the cost of the bonds. The information does give the Mayor and City Council a clearer picture of what it would be getting into, but it still begs the question…. if the city says no to the plan was the $100,000 spent on the study worth it?



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3 responses to “Covering the Bases: Baseball in the Bottom

  1. Sue Collins

    Worth it? No Richmond is not and history proves it , a professional sports town. Having lived here since 1963 teams have come and gone. Losing the Braves was unthinkable. But somehow the unthinkable happened. Richmond Sports Backers and the Ukrop family have managed to retain the Kickers. How long will they last? How long before they go the way of the hockey, mens and womens basketball and arena football? Check the history of pro sports in our town I think you will be enlightened. When it comes to sports Richmonders are fickle, as long as the team wins, they will support teams, otherwise forget it. Welcome to our otherwise great town, Rachel

  2. Rob Kelly

    I love baseball and I’m a ricmhonder……

  3. Abby

    What a waste of money for another worthless study. Why not just leave the field where it is, fix it up and move on. That location worked fine for the arena and quite well for the ball park. Why do we continually feel the need to waste more money.

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