Decision Richmond hits the “Big-Time”

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rachelheadshotWe’ve made it! We’ve been discovered! Regular readers our hard work has paid off! We were quoted in the Times Dispatch today.  Well, my blog was quoted.. that counts right? I kid, I kid.  Though, it’s nice validation. And it’s good to know that my blog is actually read and all those hits everyday aren’t just me refreshing the page over and over and over! 🙂 

I do wish I’d been tipped off… but, at least now I know what it feels like to be surprised by a news story. Touche’. Nice story Will Jones. I have to agree with the assessment of the Richmond Police Department. Which has truly become more difficult to get information or interviews from in the last few months. Here’s a link to the article.   

City Council votes on the budget tonight. Word is there’s a small number of council members upset with the existing proposal. I understand Council member Marty Jewell could be leading the charge against the plan. There’s just one problem. If no budget is approved tonight then the city will revert back to the Mayor’s original plan. (and all the hard work of the last two months by council is null and void.) Should make for a good meeting.




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2 responses to “Decision Richmond hits the “Big-Time”

  1. That’ s cool that your blog was quoted in the Times Dispatch today.

    I’ve learned that just because you don’t get comments doesn’t mean that people aren’t reading what you post. Although, I do enjoy reading the comments

  2. I like reading the comments too! Sometimes I even get a few good story ideas out of them.

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