Baseball Debate Getting Ugly

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rachelheadshotThere are some days I’m glad that I’m a journalist. (Today is one of them.) Not having to weigh in on the “Great Richmond Baseball Debate” is nice. I get to just report the facts as we know them and sit back and watch all the opinions fly. From business owners to joe schmoes on the street, everyone is taking a side. Even the local blogging world is fired up about this one

As for me? I’m just going to follow around the Nolan Ryan Group today… hitting up a press conference with Eastern Baseball League, watching Nolan Ryan’s son tour the Diamond. I’ll be sitting on the sidelines, the dugout or whatever sports term I can come up with, watching the madness. Thankfully, I’m just reporting the facts on this one… waiting for someone to step up to the plate and make a decision.

PS… Or maybe it’s just that of all the sports in this country, baseball is the one I pay the least attention to throughout the year. If this was a football debate I’d be all over it! (Ahem, biggest Redskins fan in town!) Maybe we should go back to debating whether VCU should have a team?





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2 responses to “Baseball Debate Getting Ugly

  1. The Tobacco Avenue post from the “Diamond Duck” was hilarious. I hope you got a good laugh from that also.

    I personally hope they build a new ballpark, it’s something refreshing about walking into a new stadium to see a game. A new team with a fresh slate would be much welcomed. I’m a St. Louis Cardinals fan, so it was always hard for me to like the Richmond Braves since I couldn’t stand the Atlanta Braves.

  2. BH

    We already have a football team in the area: the 2008 national champion Richmond Spiders.

    As for the baseball team: I don’t care where they build the stadium. Shockoe, Boulevard, Manchester…it doesn’t matter where, but it needs to be built. The Diamond is no longer a viable long term solution.. This might not be the greatest time to build it, with the credit crunch and all. Of course there will be people who don’t want to spend any taxpayer funds on a stadium. Haven’t they always used some taxpayer funds on stadiums in the past?

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