The River Wild…

…Starring Rachel in the Role of Meryl*

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rachelheadshotSo, I’m just going to own up to this one. Here goes….

 I’ve lived in Richmond a little over a year and have never experienced the James River in all its glory. This weekend a few friends invited me on a tubing trip. Sounded like fun. Why not? I don’t check river levels on a daily basis. Looks okay to me!  

The trip was amazing. You don’t even realize you are in the middle of a city when you are floating down that river. Yes, there were a few rough patches, scary dips and currents, but I made it through. Unbeknown to me, I’m lucky to have made it! Apparently it was another dangerous weekend on the James. On Saturday night  I had learned a man died on the rope swing. By Sunday, five tubers had to be rescued. And by Monday? Two more river rescues.

Seriously! I had no idea! Our Laura Geller is doing a story on river safety tonight. I on the other hand, have learned my lesson. Do a little research before you challenge nature.

Update: My friend who organized the trip said all the rescues happened above the Dam. We went below it. (Makes me feel a little better)  

*side note* The River Wild was a 1994 Thriller.** (I just liked the name for this blog.  Unlike the movie, no maniacs were chasing me on my trip down the James.)

**side/side note** If you play  “six degrees of Kevin Bacon” this movie is how you  connect Bacon to Academy Award Winner Meryl Streep.  (just sayin’…)



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2 responses to “The River Wild…

  1. just imagine what it would have been like… BREAKING NEWS – NBC12’s Rachel DePompa rescued from the James River

    haha, glad it didn’t end up like that

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