Richmond Police… Busy! (To say the least)

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It’s all crime all the time! (At least today) Two sad stories out of Richmond overnight.  First, the co-owner of the “Come and Go Food Market” on Jefferson Davis Highway was gunned down during a robbery late last night. I thought that was going to be my story today, but when I walked into the newsroom I found out a woman’s body was found lying between two parked cars in the Museum District.  It’s not clear what happened to her. Police called out both the homicide team and the crash team. That’s usually a sign they believe the person was hit by a car. If you have any information on either crime call 514-TIPS. 

Crime Solved: Police do believe they were able to solve a series of burglaries in the lower Fan District this month. In May, our Crime Watch reporter Andy Jenks told you about several home break-ins in the 1100 block of Grace Street. Police picked up more patrols in that area and this month arrested a man on grand larceny charges. They are not releasing his name because they want to show his picture to several other victims and see if they can link him to at least burglaries. Thought I’d leave you with a little good news too!




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