City Hall Goes BOOM!

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So, I’m out of commission this weekend and what happens? City Hall explodes! No really! I know some of you are thinking I’m being facetious because sometimes the atomosphere in that building is highly charged and possibly combustible…. but seriously, there really was an explosion.

cityhallfireIt happened in the basement. Contractors were trying to install a new power source for the city’s IT system. Thankfully,  no one was injured. And I’m told today that no private information was compromised and that all systems are back up and running.  Which means if you’ve got business at City Hall,  don’t expect any out of the ordinary delays. Our Nicole Bell was on-call and first on the scene check out the story.

CAO Search (inside track):

So, we’re hearing that Mayor Dwight Jones still likes Byron Marshall for the top city job of Chief Administrative Officer. (See stories posted below) I asked his press secretary Tammy Hawley if any papers would be filed today and she says no.  Also supporting that statement is the fact that the Mayor is still out of town today. He spent the weekend in Providence, Rhode Island for the U.S. Conference of Mayors. He’ll be back tomorrow. And I’ll be back on the phone asking about the CAO job.


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