Ukrop’s: Rumor, Myth, Reality

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Every morning I can log onto my blog and see what people searched on sites like google to end up at my musings. Most days I see “Rachel DePompa’s blog” or “New City CAO” in the little box. But, for a week straight I’ve had these interesting searches… “harris teeter buying ukrops” “Ukrops for sale”.  I’ve never written a Ukrop’s story before today, so those postings really got my attention. This community has been nuts since the news broke Ukrop’s may be looking for a buyer. There are now countless twitter postings and facebook groups. It’s amazing how fast a rumor can spread these days.

Here’s what we know so far:

Ukrop’s is not denying a sale, but calls the talk speculation.

Harris Teeter won’t comment.

Food World (citing unnamed sources) says Ukrop’s is circulating a “prospectus.” That’s a document that breaks down the company to see if there are potential buyers.

Food World (citing unnamed sources) says Harris Teeter and Supervalu responded to the prospectus.

Employees tell us Ukrop’s recently stopped matching their 401k’s. They also say the buzz is Harris Teeter is the frontrunner and a deal could be inked by September. (Again just rumor)

President and CEO Robert Ukrop wrote this to employees today: 

“There has been a lot of speculation in the last few days about the future of Ukrop’s,” he wrote. “All of this is based on rumors, anonymous blog postings, and industry chatter. Anything I say at this point would just add fuel to the fire.”





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5 responses to “Ukrop’s: Rumor, Myth, Reality

  1. The Skipper

    If Ukrops is going to be sold, so be it. However, I’m hoping it will be to Ahold (Giant’s parent company) or Harris-Teeter and that they don’t change its basic operation, with two exceptions: selling beer and wine and opening on Sunday. Both are the two drawbacks we’ve always seen with Ukrops, although we shop there all the time and like the service and selection.

    • Greg

      Hey bonehead, if Ukrops opens on Sunday and sells beer and wine, you might as well go to Kroger or Food Lion, or even worse, Walmart!

  2. Kelly

    I have to agree with Greg on this.

    I love that Ukrop’s has stayed true to the values it was founded on. If I remember right, the reason they do not sell alcohol is because they had an alcohol related death either in the family or close to the family. They have no problem renting space in their shopping centers to drug stores that sell beer or to the ABC store. They just chose to not sell alcohol in their stores.

    The being closed on Sundays thing is really NOT that big a deal. Many stores open on Sundays are only open 8 hours anyway so are they REALLY losing anything?

    I have lived in Richmond my entire 31 years. My family has always been a loyal Ukrop’s family. I remember going there with my mom as a child and when it came time for me to start buying my own groceries, I never even considered shopping anywhere else.

    The meat and produce have always been excellent at Ukrop’s. Ukrop’s is not only a grocery store but a place to go eat. The salad bar and deli has become a regular stop for many Richmonders at lunch time. “Where do you want to go for lunch?” will never get the response of Kroger or Food Lion if there is a Ukrop’s anywhere nearby.

    And NO ONE can compete with the customer service Ukrop’s offers. They STILL take your groceries out to your car, they still WALK with you to the aisle to help you find what you are looking for, and you are rarely kept waiting for anything.

  3. Adam

    Publix does all those things too, Kelly : )

  4. Stacy

    Hey Rachel,
    Ukrops just gave its employees a “share of the wealth” check. All of the non-management employees were given the same amount of money no matter how many years they had been with the company. I am thankful for the check but I do not understand why my 28 years of service was obviously not a factor in in determining the amount employees were given. I have lost 3 weeks of vacation and 950 hours of sick pay because of the sale of Ukrops. I was wondering if you could help me figure out how I could be compensated for my losses. No one else has been able to help me, can you?! thank you!

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