Ukrop’s in Negotiations With Potential Buyer

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*Update Wednesday 12:01pm: Thanks to everyone who is sending me tips on this story. They are helpful. Several of you have given me the names of businesses that may be in negotiations with Ukrop’s. I’m checking on them now and I’ll update you as soon as I get any information. For those of you who are telling me Wegmans, here’s an update I posted a few days ago….. (Update: August 6th 11:30am:)  It’s NOT Wegmans. The Rochester based grocery chain says it is NOT buying Ukrops. I received several emails yesterday suggesting Wegmans was the buyer. Wegmans’ spokesperson Jo Natale says “it is not true. It’s a false rumor.”  Wegmans has 73 stores including in five states including one store in Fredericksburg, VA. 

*Fun Update: Tuesday 4:20pm: Ukrop’s twitter page posted this comment, “People sure do like to talk.”  Interesting….  (cue: dark, ominous music) :End of update!

Whew! Breaking News morning. According to a 50 year old food trade magazine called Supermarket News Harris Teeter is no longer the front runner. I spoke to the reporter who uncovered this story by phone this morning. Jon Springer won’t reveal his sources but he says Harris Teeter was outbid for Ukrop’s by an unnamed private equity group, which is in exclusive negotiations to buy Ukrop’s. He says the economy is playing a big role in the sale, along with competition from other grocers. Ukrop’s remains silent again today and Harris Teeter has declined to comment.  When I learn some more… You’ll be the first to know!



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6 responses to “Ukrop’s in Negotiations With Potential Buyer

  1. Tom

    check out Lowes Food Stores

  2. B. L. Westbrook


    Dear Ms. DePompa,

    Maybe WalMart is buying Ukrop’s … or Harris Teeter … or Kroger … or MY house … or WWBT???

  3. B. L. Westbrook


    Dear Ms. DePompa,

    If this one is a re-run, it’s because my submit finger was aching … anyway, I forgot one: or maybe the Commonwealth of Virginia’s budget.

  4. Scott

    @B. L. Westbrook:

    Wal-Mart is currently putting together a bid to bail out the United States and will soon own the nation!

    Speaking of Wal-Mart, I haven’t seen coverage about the one opening today near Woodlake. Short Pump gets Nordstrom and Patina Grill. Woodlake gets Wal-Mart and McDonald’s. (Sorry, Westerfield.)


    Keep up the good work. I think you’re just about the best thing going for your station now!

  5. henry kayford

    alex lee holding co. (Lowes Food Stores)

  6. Adam

    What about Publix? Has their name reached anyone’s radar screen?

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