Ukrops update #9999

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I’ve been a little under the weather this week and didn’t spend too much time in the office. But there’s been a lot going on. And I’ve received quite a few emails lately on one topic in particular so here goes….

Ukrop’s Update: Lowes Foods is now the front runner. (Well, that’s what I’m hearing from the GREAT NUMBER of you who’ve sent me anonymous emails.) If anyone can hand me concrete evidence or secret documents that would be even better. Hint Hint! (Say the prospectus floating around from Ukrop’s??? I’d really like a copy of that!) 

As for Lowes? Conspiracy theorists will find this interesting. I’ve called the corporate headquarters on numerous occasions and have not received one call back. EVERY! And I mean EVERY other grocery store chain I’ve called about the Ukrop’s rumors called me back and at least said a flat out no or wouldn’t comment. Lowes has remained, oddly, eerily silent! Keep the emails coming! I’ll check them out!



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5 responses to “Ukrops update #9999

  1. CSN

    received a survey online re: comparision Ukrops, Teeters, Kroger…I would think there is more than rumor going round.

  2. B. L. Westbrook

    09/04/2009 @ 7:06p.m.

    Dear Ms. DePompa,

    Sorry to hear you’ve been sick … hope you’re better now. With regard to Lowe’s, maybe their inabiltity to provide courteous responses speaks volumes. If Ukrop’s is indeed being considered as a “buy” for Lowe’s, the heads of that team don’t want to show their hand to the other “players” at the table. They wish to do the buy and then glory in the “looky, looky at what we did … [ain’t] we just the cats’ pajamas??” rub-the-nose-in-[it] attitude towards the all involved in Ukrop’s purchase attempts … not to mention towards Ukrop’s constituents (B. L. or Rachel D. Customer). Personally, I don’t feel that Ukrop’s or its consumers will be better off for the change.

    Again, take care of yourself.

  3. Hope you’re feeling better soon. Is it Loews or Lowes that could be looking at the area? I hear some rumble on the Internet regionally that seemed to be pointing at Publix, but I think it’s still in the air.
    Odd that they would not return your call, but as a reporter you probably know the last week of August and Christmas week are the toughest times to reach anyone. Food for thought.

  4. Adam

    Have you called Publix?

  5. Adam

    Can you cite some of that rumble, greenscott? I’d love to see someone other than me talking about the prospect of Publix buying Ukrop’s! Thanks

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