Baseball Comes Swinging Back!

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As a huge sports fan, I can’t for the life of me understand why Richmond doesn’t have any sort of professional team. I’m originally from Maryland (just outside DC) and I can’t miss a Redskins, Capitals or Maryland Terrapins game. Throw in the Wizards, and the Nationals and I’m set! So, why oh why can’t a professional team catch on here in Richmond? People have told me over and over “Richmond is just not a sports town.” I’m still trying to figure out why. 



The scene is set for Baseball at the Diamond

The scene is set for Baseball at the Diamond

In the meantime, I got to meet the owners for the new team in town and I have to say they were all pretty cool guys. They seem genuinely excited to be in the River City and are optimistic their product will catch on. Only time will tell, but I plan on catching a game or two, to see what all the hub-bub is about. Will you?





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  1. Doug

    When you go watch a baseball game at the diamond, you will realize why a professional franchise would run out of business in this town.

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