Ukrop’s Deal Falls Apart

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It’s back to square one for Ukrop’s. Talks with a private equity group have broken down.  Supermarket News is reporting the private equity group dropped out of the bidding last week. The trade magazine sites an anonymous source who says the deal broke down because of  “contractual issues and an inability to get financing.”  The source says Ukrop’s has since resumed shopping itself to bidders from the earlier rounds.

So, does that mean Harris Teeter is back in the running? The source says H.T.  did not want to buy all of the Ukrop’s store locations.  Which again, brings into question the timing of the chain’s decision to close its Roanoke location.  Ukrop’s has never commented on the potential sale.



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10 responses to “Ukrop’s Deal Falls Apart

  1. B. L. Westbrook

    Tue.-10/06/2009 @ 2:26p.m.

    Could the closing of the Roanoke store be likened to the removal of a damaged limb to assure survival of the whole body. Could the Roanoke store have been symptomatic of Ukrop’s business health??

    • jgh

      I grew up in the Roanoke area (Salem). Comments I heard from there: wrong location and the city of Roanoke never delivered on the balance of the tenants that were promised as complements to Ukrop’s. Minor complaints were the Sunday & alcohol things, which surprised me and indicates that area has changed a bit since I was there!

  2. Evil Weezel

    Doubtful Roanoke was symptomatic.

    Check out the number of people in the Village Ukrop’s and compare that to the nearby Kroger and Food Lion’s, Ukrop’s far busier.

    I can’t speak for WalMart as we refuse to do business with them for anything, under any circumatances.

  3. B. L. Westbrook

    Tue. – 10/06/2009 @ 8:18p.m.

    Why do so many people “demonize” WalMart? It’ s one of the easiest retailers with which to business.

  4. B. L. Westbrook

    Take 2 to 8;18p.m. question:

    … [WalMart is] one of the easiest retailers with which to DO business.

  5. Adam

    Why is no one talking about Publix as a potential suitor of Ukrop’s? Rachel, any thoughts?

  6. Janet

    Wegman’s is a fantastic store and would be a great fit for Richmond! Harris Teeter would be my next pick. However, I still feel Ukrop’s should remain just Ukrop’s. Why not sell shares to those of us in the public sector and let us run it if the family no longer wants to do that? I am sure a lot of us would prefer that than letting someone else come in from some place else who would not keep up the tradition. I would buy a share if affordable. I certainly don’t want to lose the Dot’s Bakery tradition or Mrs. Marshall’s or other little local foods that I have grown up with since a child. We are losing too much of the local Richmond flavor as it is. Thank you.

  7. jgh

    Has anyone mentioned Albertson’s? Of all the chains I have visited, they seem as much like Ukrops as any. I am not sure if they have ever been near this market, though.

  8. jgh

    Has CF Sauer figured into this debate at any stage? I am still most grateful for the save they did on our beloved Pleasant’s Hardware. And their spices (and Mayo!–we use it in our Cole Slaw) are still the best.

  9. Adam

    Albertson’s is as much like Ukrop’s and Publix as my dog is like my trampoline.

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