Roundabouts Coming Around Again

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Update: (to a story I brought you FIRST last Friday… despite what another media outlet is reporting on its website!) The city is pulling the roundabout proposal, but only for a few weeks. Each roundabout will be introduced, voted on and dealt with individually. Not really a big deal.. each round about I told you about is still on the table. The funding’s already been approved by the federal government.. it now just up to the city council to decide whether to proceed. End of update!

Richmond is looking at building some more roundabouts in the city. The last one was finished a few months ago in Church Hill at 25th street. It caused an uproar while under construction, but it’s been quiet since it opened. The new roundabouts are being considered for:

1) 25th, Fairmount Avenue and Nine Mile Road

2) Belt Boulevard and Hull Street Road

3) 23rd and Fairfield Avenue

4) Roanoke Street and Forest Hill

The last is the most controversial of the proposed projects. Residents are already asking a lot of questions and have major concerns about Forest Hill Park. Traffic engineers admit several trees will have to go and .2 of an acre of the park would be gobbled up by the roundabout.  The measure is currently before city council. Here’s a link to my full story.


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One response to “Roundabouts Coming Around Again

  1. Tom Poe

    Can you update the status of the proposed round about at Hermitage and Laburnum? Hard to believe how much opposition these things have unleashed. If Monument Avenue can successfully have a round about at Lee Circle, I don’t understand how my neighbors in Ginter Park can oppose one here (not to mention the thousands of round abouts throughout busy intersections in Europe).
    Finally, did I not read months ago that the State is demanding that the round abouts be completed, or the State will withhold all future State funding for City streets? Thanks. You do a great job (from an old CBS news director from Knoxville and Nashville, TN). Tom Poe

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