Manchester’s Makeover

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When I first came to Richmond I almost moved to the Manchester area. The apartment guides and real estate folks kept telling me it was the hot new area of the city. They used words like “up and coming” “potential”. When I went to the area, with a map of Richmond on my dashboard all I saw was run-down manufacturing buildings. I thought, “this is up and coming?”  Wow! what a difference a year and a half makes. I now know Richmond much better and I too can see the potential. Today I did a story updating the renovation project at the Manchester Courthouse.  I was amazed at all the construction going on just a block away. There are crews renovating several buildings along Hull Street. And people seem genuinely excited about the new Croaker’s Spot opening next month. There are dozens of new apartments opening. A pizza shop is coming and I hear a coffee shop is next. I can’t wait for the courthouse to re-open this January. Being stuck covering a court case all day won’t be so bad.. there will be plenty of places to stop for lunch.


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