The Business of Stripping…

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Is that a headline or what? So, I’ve been in the ABC hearing all week listening to (the often times) graphic testimony about the alleged going-ons at Sam Moore’s Club Velvet. It’s interesting that this entire liquor license hearing stems from the 10 month undercover investigation by ABC agents.  (The place was raided by Richmond Police on Feb 23, 2007.) From the raid, Moore was eventually convicted of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and served a 30 day jail sentence. This is the only other thing to come out of that investigation… an attack on his ability to sell alcohol. His attorney’s said today they believe Moore is being targeted because of the type of business her runs. A former stripper testified today, the club had a reputation for drugs and prostitution and she quit to get away from it all. It’s going to be very interesting to see what happens. Velvet has been open for 10 years and has a clean ABC record. No prior violations. This raid has led to serious charges (specifically a place for prostitution.) No way to tell which way this hearing will go. A decision won’t come down for several weeks and even then it can be appealed to circuit court. We may not know how this will all shake out for several months. And the saga continues…




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2 responses to “The Business of Stripping…

  1. Word in the newsroom is that we need the spotlights of Club Velvet to keep the Troutman Saunders cam shots of downtown and Shockoe Bottom at the close of the 11pm newscast looking their best….

    • Gary

      Good one, Phil 🙂

      Interesting that Club V. and similar establishments are moving to a more “in your face” profile with spotlights, billboard ads, graphics on vans, etc.

      A lot of those places used to try to be more low key, presumably because a lot of people didn’t want to be seen frequenting those places.

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