#Ukropalsye is Back!

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Oh, here we go again. Every time I write about Ukrop’s my blog is overloaded. Well, I finally have a legitimate update for you. We’ll start with Ukrop’s profits. For the first time this year, the company posted a quarterly loss. The chain lost $1.4 million in the third quarter. That would seem like bad news, but it’s not. The company posted decent earnings in the first two quarters… almost two million in profit. Which means, Ukrop’s is still in the black, just as it heads into the biggest quarter of the year.  I talked to VCU marketing professor David Urban who says other chains like Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Kroger and Food Lion have been slowly chipping away at Ukrop’s but we still won’t know how much until after the fourth quarter. The company, of course had no comment for me today. And I want to give a shout out to Richmond Biz Sense, who first broke the story and has done a bang up job staying on top of the Ukrop’s Saga.

We learned today that a food fight is underway in Carytown. Kroger has declared war on Ukrop’s and is even copying a long-standing tradition. The Carytown Kroger has new carts and is now sending bag boys to your car with your groceries. The store is also hoping to expand its prepared food selection and plans to lease the CVS next door so it can expand. David Urban says Kroger “smells blood in the water” an is getting aggressive. Kroger didn’t call me back today to comment.

As for the search for a buyer?? Nothing new to report. I’ll keep digging around. Promise!



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6 responses to “#Ukropalsye is Back!

  1. I love Ukrop’s, but not because they take my food to my car for me. Wrong move Kroger — try getting more quality fruits and vegetables and while you’re taking people’s food out, ask them what local events you can pick up full sponsorship for? How about spreading some cash Richmond’s way….like Ukrop’s.

    • B. L. Westbrook

      I won’t say anything negative about Kroger because I shop there once in a while and am satisfied when that occurs. I am acquainted with the Ukrop family and know their quality … no bad to report personally or in dealings with the grocery chain. The only thing I WILL say about any of the Uk. competition is when success is obvious, “monkey-see, monkey-do” usually rears its head … and NOT necessarily is it a bad thing. If mimicking quality service and products is a result to be enjoyed by ALL customers, then it’s a “win-win!!” Go Robert, James and clan.

  2. susan l

    I find it quite interesting that not long after the the story was shown, there was an ad for Kroger and a mention that some portion of the news was sponsored by Kroger… hmmm

  3. Jon

    The only store that in my mind matched or exceeded Ukrop’s in quality was Hannaford. They had delicious muffins, steaks and great fried chicken. I remember after the switchover to Kroger I bought some of their chicken tenders. I took one bite and spit it out. My brother once bought their store brand egg nog. It was not out of date but had a strong smell like kerosene. As for Food Lion they are better than they used to be but I still wouldn’t buy their store brand items. And while I don’t care to shop there I might get some items from Walmart if they had a grocery flyer. I’ve heard a lot of people praise Wegman’s and heard they might be coming down here. If they’re as good or better than Ukrops then I hope we get them because Harris Teeter is not a good substitute.

  4. I agree with Phil. Show me what Kroger is doing for the community locally. A business doesn’t have to give back so generously, but it’s an added bonus when they do.

  5. If the criteria is quality then, no, there’s not a possible suitor who can ever replace Ukrops. Those who say that ‘(such-n-such) store ought to come here – they blow Ukrops away!’ are merely clueless people. If anything those folks deserve an outpouring of sympathy.

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