California State of Mind

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Back from vacation and boy is it rough!?! I ventured to sunny California for the first time last week and I had an amazing time. Don’t get me wrong, I love Richmond, but California was nothing like I expected. Just take a look at this photo….

Santa Barbara, CA

Isn’t it easy to see why the west coast has a reputation for being so carefree and laid back? If I woke up to a view like this everyday I’d be like that too. Plus, (not to rub it in) but it was low 70’s ever day and only dropped down to the 50’s at night. If you ever get the chance, go visit! It’s a great trip! But no worries, I’m happy to be home too. Flying back into the River City made me appreciate just how great our little city is! 🙂 From above, Richmond is beautiful, peaceful and welcoming.


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  1. Phil

    Did you get a chance to check out Sonoma & Napa? We visited four years ago and checked out some 26 wineries in four days. Not a bad pour at any one of them. Terrific place to vacation.

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