Long Time No Post!

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I know, i know… long time no post! Ok, but it’s not my fault. I spent a week in Appomattox and Lynchburg and then got shuffled to Charlottesville. I’ve been drowning in sad, terrible stories. I didn’t have the energy, the will to write, the mental state or the time. (Excuses, I know, but the truth.)


My trip west was difficult, trying and sad. I was in Blacksburg when Cho went on his murderous shooting spree at Virginia Tech, so naturally my station sends me to Appomattox.  I have experience covering a story like this, but it doesn’t make it any easier. So, much loss of life for no reason is still astounding.

Missing Morgan:

I was covering a funeral in Lynchburg for the Appomattox shootings on Monday and by Tuesday I was rushing to Charlottesville where a body was found. I knew instantly it was Morgan. I called her parents as they were on their way to identify their daughter’s remains. There was terrible sadness, but also much relief in their voices. I can’t imagine going three months not knowing where your daughter is or what state she’s in. I know they have found some peace finally having her body to bury.


Remember when snow was a pure joy? You couldn’t wait to get outside and play in it.? Snowball fights, ice castles, frozen toes.? (I used to fight with my mom about how long I could stay out in it without freezing.) I remember hoping for snow on a weekend so we could enjoy it and then have extra days off from school. There was  nothing better. Oh what a difference adulthood makes! I now hate snow. I hate the word and I hate standing in it. Snow = work. There’s nothing worse than standing outside all day telling people not to drive because it’s dangerous. You freeze and you repeat yourself over and over and no one listens. Today I saw more than 100 abandoned, disabled and crashed vehicles. UGH!


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  1. B. L. Westbrook

    Rachel DePompa,

    You owe NO ONE any explanations. Your body of work was marvelous and spoke volumes on your focus. Glad you’re back. Keep up the great work and find some HAPPY stuff to share your talent with us. bLw 🙂 {also Twitter @bLw110550}

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