Snomg 4 and other Stories

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Ever wake up, look out your window and pray the day would already be over? That was  me this morning. Snomg 4 was upon us and I know you may find this strange (being that I work for a news station) but I had no idea there would be snow on the ground this morning. Either I tuned out the weather forecast or I’m truly just “over” the snow. I think I’m going to blame the snow for my lack of new blog posts lately. By the way, apparently there’s snow in the forecast for this Saturday and again on Monday. Which leaves me with one question. Who ticked off old man winter and where do you live???? 🙂

Budget Bonanza:

We’ve all heard the sob tales. Soon we’ll see the real deal. What exactly is Richmond going to cut out of its budget to make up for a 30 million dollar funding gap? Any ideas? Mayor Jones will make his budget presentation to City Council on March 22nd. We’ve heard the words layoffs and furloughs thrown around, but soon we’ll actually know what programs, departments or services will go out the window.

Route 29 Stalker:

Just completed a special story that aired Monday night on the Route 29 stalker. I’d been working on the story for more than a month, but it all came together the week police found Morgan Harrington’s remains. I’m very proud of this piece and it meant a lot to me. You see, 10 years ago I met and interviewed Harley and Sadie Showalter about their daughter Alicia. I was working  in Harrisonburg, Virginia. At the time, it had been four years since their daughter’s death and the killer had not been arrested. (Alicia was pulled over by the Route 29 stalker in 1996. She disappeared for two months and her remains were found in a clear-cut field near Lignum, VA) I can’t believe she’s been gone 14 years and her murder is still unsolved. Catching up the Showalters again was so wonderful and sad all at the same time. They have always been gracious to curious reporters in the most difficult of circumstances. I’m grateful they allowed me to share Alicia’s story one more time. Here’s a link.


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