Thieves Think AC Units are Cool

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North Richmond homeowners keep a close eye on your property. Thieves are stealing the air conditioning compressors right out of backyards. I’m talking about the big boxes in the backyard… you might also call them heat pumps. Apparently, the parts are big money and there’s a bonus… many units also have copper inside! (Copper is still a big seller these days at salvage yards) Today, I visited a house on Edgewood Avenue, where the thieves got on their hands and knees and crawled under the home to steal the goods. Yep! They broke in through the crawl space. Creepy… and crazy at how desperate people are becoming. The crime is mostly happening at homes that are “for sale”, “for rent” or under renovation. So, watch out for your neighbors. Thieves are apparently watching neighborhoods in Battery Park, Ginter Park, Highland Park and Laburnum, looking for opportunities.



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2 responses to “Thieves Think AC Units are Cool

  1. MB

    My unit was taken and I dont live in the northside it happened in the southside about two weeks after I closed on my house…what a nice house warming gift!!!

  2. Richard

    Regarding your story on HVAC units getting stolen from houses. To help prevent them being stolen, there is a junction box, usually behind the HVAC unit, that has a eye hook on it. The owner can put a lock on the junction box to prevent the thieves from cutting power to the unit and stealing it.

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