Random Richmond Musings and the Canal Walk

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First. If you haven’t read Style Weekly’s article on Gene Cox stop reading my blog and go there first! It’s an amazing article with great insight into the man who helms our news.

Second. Richmonder’s apparently love the Olympics. Ratings are through the roof. I’m partial to the hockey, but many events are keeping you glued to the tube at night. Thanks for watching us.

Third. I’m working on a ton of Richmond stories for the rest of this week so stay tuned. Some good stuff coming down the pike. And as always, if you hear of anything interesting or want me to investigate something, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email.  

Canal Walk: It’s years in the making. It’s supposed to be like the River Walk in San Antonio, TX. I’ve been there. The Canal Walk isn’t even close to the River Walk at this point. Though, officials in Texas said their prize destination didn’t happen over night and took 30 years to build. If that’s the case, than Richmond is moving in the right direction. Today two local developers announced they are buying up the old Reynolds Plant for condos, shops, restaurants and business. Here’s my story.  One of the developers told me today, building the new apartments is the first step. He said,  “Once you get people, you get activity then the shops and the restaurants follow.”


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