Richmond: Googled and Going Green

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I have to say, this taste of Spring has been much-needed. I was able to do a story today on the James River. Hoping for another outdoor story tomorrow! On to the news of the week….

First, there’s a big court case that could have far-reaching implications in Richmond. A judge is currently deciding whether or not to overturn a City Council vote. No other media outlets showed up! Here’s the link to my story.  


Richmond is going after a google line. It’s the hottest project in the country and Richmond is hoping for a piece of the pot. The city announced today it will apply for the Google Fiber for Communities Project on March 26th.  In a news release, Mayor Dwight Jones said, “The city that wins this project will be recognized globally and the impact it will have is the technological equivalent of being awarded the Olympics.”

The project is an experiment to build a ultra-high speed broadband network that will deliver internet speeds 100 times faster than most Americans have access to today. The planned network will offer speeds over one gigabit per second in fiber-to-the-home connections.

You can support the city’s effort by registering on Social Media Networks like  Facebook (, Twitter:, and


And the city just hired its first ever Sustainability Manager. (a mouthful… and at first glance I was said, “What the heck is that?” Alicia Zatcoff will fill the role. Her job is to help the city develop and implement sustainable green and eco-friendly policies and practices. She’s also hoping to create new jobs in the city. She will work under the Chris Beschler and her job will be to work with city agencies to reduce use of water, electricity, and gasoline. The Mayor said, “As we have already initiated several initiatives to become a greener city by reducing our carbon footprint, this is the right time to appoint a Sustainability Manager.”



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3 responses to “Richmond: Googled and Going Green

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  2. Rachel,

    Thanks for the story! I’ve been compiling a list of cities vying for Google’s fiber project and it’s well-written articles like yours that makes doing such research MUCH easier.

    I was checking out the link that you had for and got an unexpected error; just wanted to let you know that it appears your link is referenced to the web address:

    Thanks, again, for the article and good luck to Richmond!

  3. Incredulous

    Yeah, that’s exactly what the city needs right now – a Sustainability Manager . Sustaining what? Shouldn’t the presumed targets of this position’s work be looking for, and implementing these so-called savings on their own? Why do they need to create another position? Doesn’t the city have higher priorities than to create do-nothing positions (and likely, in the future, offices, full of do-nothing staff) to wander about imposing resource-wasting “green” initiatives on other city agencies (whose costs will be passed on to – you guessed it – the taxpayers)? I’m willing to bet that any “savings” generated from this foolishness will be more than offset by the costs. But, why should they care about that? It’s not their money…

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