The Devil is in the Details…

Rachel DePompa – bio | email   

Sure, there are no new taxes in the Mayor’s proposed budget. And there are no major cuts to services, but that doesn’t mean the city’s budget situation won’t hit taxpayers in the wallet. Jones is calling for rate increases for natural gas, water and waste water.

If his proposal is passed by city council the water rate would rise 4%, and the gas and waste water fees would rise by about 2%.  So what does that mean in dollars and cents????

Average Monthly gas bills would go from $91.96 to $92.79 …. difference-83 cents

Average Monthly water bills would go from $29.17 to $29.32….. difference 15 cents

Average Monthly waster water bills would go from $44.18 to $44.40…. difference 22 cents

 The city says the increases are necessary because of  increased state and federal regulations as well as capital needs of the utilities systems. (Translation: that means because of the economy.)


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