End of the Ukrop’s Era

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Four former Ukrop’s stores are gone. I visited the Martin’s today in Short Pump and it was BUSY. This is what I observed today: The parking lot was packed and the aisles were full of shoppers. I talked to a ton of people and did not hear one negative comment. This is a sampling of some of the actual comments…  “I’m really impressed.” “It’s so clean.” “The aisles are jam-packed with food.” “I’m  not buying any groceries I just came to see it.” “It’s so bright in here and colorful.”  

Amusingly, the beer and wine sections were filled with curious shoppers. Many people told me they just wanted to stop by and see the selection. A business professor at VCU says you can expect this burst in business in the beginning as people give the new store a try, but he says it will be more interesting to see if it holds up.  He also says to keep a close eye next year on which local chain rules the market. Last year, Food Lion held the title.

City’s Real Estate Tax:

Council votes on the Real Estate Tax rate tonight. All my sources tells the rate will not change. It currently sits at $1.20 per 100 dollars of accessed value. Interestingly, if the council keeps the rate the same, many people in the city will see decreased bills this June. That’s because real estate assessments in the city last february dropped. So, if the rate holds steady and your assessment was lower, you will pay less this year.


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