Random Thoughts on the UVA Lacrosse Murder

Rachel DePompa – bio | email

It’s been more than a week since I sat outside Yeardley Love’s apartment in Charlottesville wondering what happened. I finally felt comfortable sitting down today to process my thoughts. I’ve covered a lot of tragedies and murders over the last decade, and for some reason the acts of violence on college campuses hit me hardest. Maybe it’s because I still yearn for the days of being a carefree student at the University of Maryland. Maybe it’s because covering the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007, left an undefinable hole in my heart. Maybe it’s because college kids are literally on the cusp of adulthood. Whatever the reason, my drive to Charlottesville last Monday was sad.

At the time, I knew that a student athlete was dead. I had no idea it was a woman; that she played lacrosse; that she was a fourth year, three weeks from graduation. I had no idea her ex-boyfriend was in custody. I had no idea he too played lacrosse, was a fourth year just weeks from graduation. All of that information makes the story all the  more heartbreaking; but it also shines a great big light on a topic people often whisper about, gossip about, but don’t always take seriously. Domestic violence issues in young relationships are now in the limelight. And if that’s the one thing that helps us make sense of this terrible tragedy, so be it.


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  1. B. L. Westbrook

    Your comments on this tragedy between two YOUNG people serves to awaken a certain angst in MY conscience. Many of us suffer from not being, coyly worded, “spring chickens. We, all of us, regardless of age need to take stock of our individual shortcomings and seek to be better persons. These youngsters and other tragedy victims will NEVER get that chance. It’s up to each of us to seek those we may have irritated, wronged in some way and try to rectify the situation. I have been flippant in my remarks on this space in the past and on Twitter, I made someone I admire greatly ill-at-ease with my caustic “tongue.” I hope those I’ve done wrong will read these remarks of mine and realize that I am not rude, intentionally. I speak my mind and I “play” a lot. For the dis – ease I’ve sparked, I apologize and seek forgiveness. I can only be me, I’ll just try to temper it from now on. The aforementioned tragedies are MY wake up call to be a better person to EVERYONE. bLw110550

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