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Details on City Stadium Proposal

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UPDATE: (Thursday Afternoon)

NBC 12 has obtained copies of conceptual drawings for the City Stadium site. This is what Fulton Hill Properties is proposing. I received the renderings from a source and not from the developer. In a statement this afternoon a spokesperson for the Fulton Hill Partnership, Paul Bratten, told me, “We are in the preliminary planning stages. We are eager to engage the public and talk to them about the possibility for the highest and best use for the site.”

Conceptual Drawing of City Stadium Proposal

Original Story:

NBC 12 has learned some of the details given to City Council members about the controversial proposal for City Stadium. A good source tells me that Fulton Hill Partnership is going to send the Mayor’s Administration an unsolicited proposal for a mixed use development. The plan leaves about 15% of the 20 acres site for retail. About 40% would be for a mixture of high and low-rise residential units. I’m told there could be some underground parking and even a medical building on the property. Of course, these details are subject to change. There’s no timeline yet on when the proposal will go to the Mayor’s office. The developer wants to buy the land from the city and pay for it upfront. There’s already been one contentious meeting. People who live near the stadium are very concerned about what will be put there. Many have voice opposition to a shopping center. At that meeting Mayor Dwight Jones announced that there was no done deal.

City Stadium Background: The stadium was built-in 1929 and seats about 22,000.  For several decades the stadium was the home of the Richmond Spider’s football team. Richmond built a new stadium last year and moved out. The City Council voted to restore the name, “City Stadium.”

The Richmond Kickers use the stadium now as do the football team the Virginia Hornets.  The stadium is in Councilman Marty Jewell’s district.



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Jewell, Road Trips and Council Stuff

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 Road Trips:

Hello Blog World! Man, you take a weekend off and the Richmond Beat blows up! I’ll start this posting telling you about my road trip on Monday. Myself and two photographers were sent to Blacksburg. Road trips sound like fun (and it’s nice to get away from the office) but they are truly way more work than a normal news day. We left at 7 in the morning. We got to Blacksburg around 11:00 and immediately started collecting interviews. You don’t get much of a lunch break. You have to turn several stories quickly and you work straight through until 11:30 at night. LONG LONG DAY! We are driving back as I write this post.  I used to work in B’burg, so I really enjoy going back there, but it’s always a whirlwind trip and I don’t get to see many people.

Jewell: I’m off on the weekends and a lot of times I’m never around a TV. But my phone started ringing early Saturday morning. I know many of you have asked what I think of this situation, but because this is a story I’ll be covering closely… mums the word.  

Council Stuff:

The Richmond City Council is going after people parking in handicapped spaces. The City is considering increasing the fee for violators from $100 to $200.

The city is also moving forward with plans to increase the fee you pay if your car is towed. Many tow company’s in the area are already charging more than the city code allows. This plan could go before the entire city council for a vote by mid-november.

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