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Brown Watch 2009

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I knew twitter was getting big, but I never thought it would control my work day. I was on the road, putting together a story about homelessness when Tappahannock Native and notorious R &B star Chris Brown decided to tweet, “On my way to community service.” The hunt began….

 I was put on Chris Brown watch and told simply, “find him!” I spent two hours with my videojournalist Nathan McCann searching the jail and police headquarters. We had given up and were driving to our next story when “low and behold” there he was. No joke. My dumb luck paid off. (we’ll talk about my lucky streak another day.) Chris Brown was standing right next to my car pulling up brush. There were no other reporters or photographers around. I couldn’t believe it. We were on Brook Road at the Richmond Police horse stables.









Chris Brown Clearing Brush
Chris Brown Clearing Brush

We spent about an hour watching him pick up trash before other media outlets figured out where he was. I have to admit, I wasn’t thrilled by my assignment today. I felt like paparazzi and I kept thinking, “And why is this news.” But then again, he’s a celebrity, he’s a local talent, and someone needs to make sure he’s actually fulfilling his court ordered punishment. His crime was serious and far reaching because of his celebrity. So.. he’s news.

Fun facts for the Brown obsessed: 
*Several fans showed up to watch and take pictures as he worked. All of them were women and they all still loved him despite what he had done. Actually, every fan I spoke to was very aware of why Brown was doing this work and they each said they hope he learns something from this experience.
*Brown’s body guard and a friend were at the work detail waiting for him to finish. They wore shirts that said, “Stop the violence.” 
*He got an hour long lunch break and ate McDonalds. 
*This is day one of 180 days of community service. So you will see him for the next few months doing work like this.  

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