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Newbille’s New Seat

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There’s no denying who the residents in the 7th district wanted to represent them. Cynthia Newbille won with 52% of the vote. Despite six candidate, she had a decisive victory and she takes the reigns of her new job on Monday. The City Council meeting will begin with her swearing-in ceremony.

Cynthia Newbille Ad

Cynthia Newbille Ad

Newbille was swamped in controversy earlier this year, when she was seeking the temporary appointment for the seat. But much of that was drummed up by her competitors. Newbille may have only recently moved back to the district, but it’s clear she’s been a staple there for several years. Not only did she grow up in the 7th district, but she came back. She’s served her community in numerous roles and now she’ll help on the council. It’s clear she has the backing of key city leaders, so it will be interesting to  see how that plays out over the next year. She was supported by Mayor Dwight Jones, former council member and Delegate Delores McQuinn, current council Vice President Ellen Robertson and State Senator Henry Marsh. She told me last night she’s excited for the opportunity and plans to leave her current posts to focus full-time on the council. Her first big test will be Echo Harbour.  She said last night….. “Anything that destroys the character of one of the most incredible natural resources we enjoy in this city or precludes public access to that is not the project for us.”










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