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Is Richmond a Tough Nut to Crack?

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The squirrels logo has landed and it’s drawing people out of the woodwork! I posted a twitter picture of the logo and within two hours more than a thousand people had viewed it. 250 more posted comments on my twitter page with their thoughts. I’ve got to hand it to the new owners…they are marketing geniuses! The Richmond Braves never got this much attention except for when they decided to leave. These owners get packed press conferences, front page headlines and top news stories. Also, the crowds at these press conferences are not just media members and they continue to grow. They opened the new baseball team store an hour after the announcement and it was jammed with customers. Flying Squirrel hats and shirts were flying off the shelves. I will say, the majority of the comments I got about the new logo were negative. Then again, in years of reporting experience, the nay-sayers are always louder than the supporters. 

The new team logo!


 You can vote on our online poll here. Tell us what you think of the name. And you’ll get another chance at a name soon when the “name the mascot contest” starts December 14th. 

Some of the comments I got on twitter: 

@shortpumppreppy  Kinda cool actually 

@Joe_Stanley There are no words for how ridiculous this entire idea is. 

@heyart “Flying Squirrels” has grown on me. It screams Minor League. The kids will love this. 

@Nicholkola if mighty mouse had an arch nemesis, it would be the Richmond flying squirrel. 

@thomasmcdonald I will be getting a Squirrels hat ASAP! 

@katiebailey  Considering the team name, I think it’s silly, but decent. 

@Nicholkola Seriously? it’s like mighty mouse, squirrel style. 

@eddiRVA Angry badger?



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