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CAO Finalist Returns to River City

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The front runner to be Richmond’s next Chief Administrative Officer is on his way back to the city.  He’ll arrive tonight (Thursday) and will spend the weekend in the River City meeting with council members. Councilman Bruce Tyler confirms he’s meeting with the Marshall on Saturday, while Councilman Marty Jewell says he’s has a meeting scheduled for Friday. The Mayor’s press secretary, Tammy Hawley, says this trip is “along the same lines as his last visit.” She says he will be interacting with City Council but she does not have his complete  schedule.  You can learn more about his first visit to the River City and about his controversial job history in my prior blog about Marshall here. Marshall is the only candidate that we know of , to be introduced to the City’s top leaders. Now that he’s coming back for a second trip, it’s safe to say he’s got the best chance for the job so far.


There was another robbery early this morning (Thursday) on Jeff Davis. This one happened outside the Wendy’s. Two female employees were robbed in the parking lot as they left work.  I met with Commander Steve Drew with the second precinct today. He says  police are heavily patrolling the area and just because you don’t see a cruiser doesn’t mean they aren’t there. He says police have stepped up undercover and covert work in the area.


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