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Back in town for Richmond Round-up

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Sorry for the LONG delay in blogs, but I was sent on secret assignment this week. (No, really!) I was gone for two days, but i’m back today and ready for the week in review.

Gene Lepley: I was so happy to see my former co-worker today. Many of you ask about him often, so here is your update. He’s now the public information officer for the Richmond Police and I had the pleasure of interviewing him for the first time today. You’ll see him on the news tonight! (08-13-09)

Big Brother is Watching: I first told you about cameras in Shockoe Bottom last October. Now, Police have officially jumped on the bandwagon. There are now 8 cameras in the bottom around the Farmer’s Market. I’m curious how you feel about this. I talked to several business owners who are ecstatic to have the extra protection. The camera’s do tape footage that is kept for several days. That means police have a chance at catching some crimes on tape.

City Hall is on VACA: I know you’re probably wondering why I haven’t written about City Hall in a while, but that’s because there’s seriously been NO NEWS! Everyone is on vacation or about to head out. I’m trying here. Please send me some inside information!

Baseball: My sources tell me an announcement is coming soon! Stay tuned….




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