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Oh, The Places We Go….

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Monday: Get up 7am and drive to Blacksburg, Virginia. Work 17 straight hours on the story of two murdered VT students and a missing Tech student.

Tuesday: Drive back from Blacksburg. Exhausted…

Wednesday: Come to work, thinking I’m headed to City Hall… end up running out the door to Charlottesville. I cover a press conference on the missing VT student. Spend the day on the UVA campus. (PS.. my rival school… I went to the University of Maryland) PSS… (I’m beginning to think I’m on a college tour for the week. Is Harrisonburg’s JMU next?)

Thursday: No more travels. (I sing and dance in the  newsroom with joy!) Then I head out to interview a doctor and stumble on to the fact that the VCU Medical Center is so overloaded with H1N1 patients it is opening a whole treatment area just for influenza cases. I was suddenly in a room surrounded by flu patients. I interviewed a 9-year-old girl who was just diagnosed with swine flu. (If I get sick this should totally qualify for workman’s comp! Right?)  

PSSS… I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me on Friday 🙂



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Flatheads, Swine Flu and Debates Oh My!

Rachel DePompaRachel DePompa – bio | email


Achoo! I know at least 10 people who came down with the swine flu in the last week! I am determined NOT to be the next to go down.  Alas, I missed out on my chance for a free H1N1 shot today. I was at a press conference where the Mayor got a shot to set the example for the rest of the city. When he finished, they had a few to give away, but ran out quickly. I have a feeling we’re going to be hearing a lot of stories about the Health Department running out of the vaccine.


With the Hambones out,  I thought it would be fair to point out tonight that almost all of the remaining names could be considered offensive to someone.  In this politically correct day and age, it’s hard to please  anyone. I received an email today about the name Flatheads: Did you know…

Flathead Indians are a Native American race of people/tribe living between the Cascade Mountains and Rocky Mountains. Appropriately named the Salish – they initially lived entirely east of the Continental Divide but established their headquarters near the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains. Occasionally hunting parties went west of the Continental Divide but not west of the Bitterroot Range. The easternmost edge of their ancestral hunting forays were the Gallatin, Crazy Mountain, and Little Belt Ranges. They were called the Flathead Indians by the first white men who came to the Columbia River. The name, used in error, in the pejorative as slang – was said to derive from the flat skull produced by binding infants’ skulls with boards and is used for many Native Americans

I’m pretty sure, the baseball owners meant a type of Catfish… but I’m also pretty sure they meant no harm by the name Hambone either.  Just saying….


The 7th District Candidates Forum is Thursday, October 15 from 6:30-9PM at the Robinson Theater. Open to all interested citizens of the community and 7th District. Contact John Johnson at (804)814-1066


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