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Talking Trash in Richmond

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Apparently, Richmonders are trashy…. I mean they produce 82,000 tons of trash each year. (couldn’t resist the little joke) I got to venture out of my beloved city today and into the far off land of Henrico County. (In case you were wondering, I rarely get to leave the the city. My beat is strictly Richmond!)  I went to Henrico to see the new garbage trucks that Richmond is planning to buy.  I was amazed how efficient they were. No more waving to the garbage man out your window as he picks up your trash cans. There’s an automated arm that now reaches out and grabs your garbage cans. My photojournalist Matt Butner and I had a hard time keeping up with the trucks, they were so fast. The city says these new trucks can carry more and will cut down on routes and trips back and forth to the transfer station. The city will also go to a four day work week… no longer picking up on Fridays. The changes won’t happen for some time, and they will differ depending on where you live. So, place close attention in November and December to any literature that shows up on your front door from the Department of Public Works. 

Ukrop’s: I know many of you are anxious for updates, but haven’t heard any new buzz lately. As soon as I hear something, I’ll let you know.

Restructuring Planning and Economic Development: Keep close watch this week on Channel 12….. I’ve got a very interesting update coming on this story. Wish I could say more, but I know my competitors read my blog. 🙂


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